9 Tips To Become Genuinely Happy & Content – Live Your Best Possible Life

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1. Cut Out Unhealthy Relationships

Like I said above, the major force in your life that could be stopping you from happiness is toxic people. Whether it is your friends, classmates, co-workers, or family. Block that out as best as you can. I know it can be a hard situation if you have to see those people every day, but do the best you absolutely can. 

If you go to school everyday with toxic people, just remember that this time shall pass. Nothing is forever and if you think it will last forever, it definitely won’t! Try to find a new group of friends and slowly start to weed out those people who don’t support and uplift you. 

Coworkers are a huge one. If you have a job that allows you to wear headphones, then do it. If you have the means to change a department or job then do it. Whatever you can do, try to do it. Don’t outright quit your day job, but just know that things will always look up.

Life is way too short to be unhappy. 

2. It’s Okay To Not Know

This is a huge deal for me, I like to have a plan. Even if it is for the week, month, or year. Sometimes this can bite you in the butt because things are always changing! Change is good. Change is okay. 

Sometimes we just need to step our foot into the unknown and just try things out. If it isn’t the norm, then who cares. 

Opportunities will come and you will figure out your journey as you go. Don’t stress about what you can’t change and the roadblocks you may face.

3. Quit The Comparison 

Yes, I am talking about social media. We are all guilty of it for sure. Sometimes I will turn to Instagram and it can end up going wrong and putting me in a bad mindset. 

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. 

If it’s Facebook and all of your friends are getting married and having kids, who cares. That doesn’t mean you should too! Maybe you have a different path and maybe it isn’t the right time yet. Don’t stress about the future or what other people are doing. 

Instagram is a whole different beast. I really believe whenever I started blogging, it has changed my perspective on people and goals. This could be because a found a positive and happy community that supports each other! I am more supportive of others because we all will have OUR time! It is super easy to open up the app and start comparing yourself to someone else’s life who is completely different. You aren’t the same as anyone else. You are different. 

Comparison is toxic and will only bring you down. 

4. Make Healthier Eating Habits

Eating healthier can change the way you feel on the inside and on the outside. Try to find ways to choose the healthier options out at a restaurant or at the grocery store. 

Whenever you choose to eat healthier you will feel greater energy, enhanced mood, self-esteem, and even better sleeping habits. Ultimately, you will feel more productive and have more energy to do things. Remember to start off slow because you don’t want to cause burnout or relapse. 

5. Exercise For Mental Health

Exercising is a huge one! Endorphins are released whenever you exercise leading you to feel those happy hormones. You never regret a workout and sometimes it is only the matter of starting. Once you start feeling the results of exercise you won’t want to stop. 

It can be as easy as taking your dog for a walk as soon as you wake up or going to the gym for a strength session. Take at least 30-60 minutes out of your day to be active. After all, exercise is one of the most effective ways to improve your mental health!

6. Seek Positive Influences    

Ever since I started my blog and Instagram I found a community of like-minded women. A little fact about me, I started my blog to do just that! As I am in a male-dominated profession, I was able to communicate with women like me as a fashion/lifestyle blogger!

I never knew the people I REALLY need to be around until I started Instagram. Social media has truly changed my life and I now have friends all over the world.

I connect with women like me every single day and I am so grateful for them. We build each other up even if it is just a comment saying, “Gorgeous photo!” We all want and strive for the same things and why not support each other on our journeys? Everyone can use that support. 

If you aren’t a blogger, find friends/coworkers/family who admire and believe in you. There are good people out there, you just have to find and hold onto them!

7. Find Your Passion & Do Just That

But really, what is the point of going through the motions every day to not enjoy at least a little bit of it? If you have the means and opportunity to work a job that you are passionate about, good for you! However, if you don’t, find a new job. Nothing is permanent. I’m not telling you to just go quit your job and live your dream, work up to it. Do everything you can to achieve it.

Start a side-hustle first. You can really make anything your job these days. Find a passion and either do it in your free time or full-time!

If you have the means to change something, then do it.

8. Get More Sleep

Did you know this one is actually scientifically proven? The more sleep you get the less sensitive you will be to negative emotions.

If you don’t prioritize sleep you will be left feeling groggy and exhausted and no one feels good that way! Your body needs a chance to rejuvenate and recharge too.

9. Plan A Getaway Even If It’s Just A Date Night

Yes, it is a thing.. vacations/getaways help improve your mood. It also allows you to look forward to something.

I understand not everyone has the means to drop everything and go on a trip so instead plan a date night out with your significant other or girlfriends.

Spending time with positive people who make you happy is the key!