Super Easy House Plants You (Probably) Won’t Kill

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If you want nothing more than to have a house full of beautiful plants but you can’t keep one alive to save your life, you’ve come to the right place! I personally do not have a very green thumb and I have lost quite a few plants in my day! I finally started buying easy house plants like these ones, and I am proud to say I haven’t killed one yet.


Almost anyone can grow an aloe plant! (and if you somehow manage to kill one, that’s okay because I have) They are one of the easiest plants to care for because it’s okay if you forget to water them! They’re pretty resilient plants and can thrive about anywhere with sunlight.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can harvest your aloe plant and use it to make your own aloe vera gel for sunburns!
  • Aloes require a lot of sunlight and little water – so if you forget it by the window for a week or four… it’ll still be okay!
  • Aloes are very resilient, so it’s the perfect plant for people (like me) that forget to water their plant’s when they’re supposed to

Rubber Tree

Rubber trees are an easy option if you want a larger plant in your house. They can actually grow to be over 6ft tall! But be careful if you have pets, because they can be toxic if ingested by your fur baby.

Tips & Tricks

  • Rubber trees like medium to bright indirect light
  • Rubber trees can tolerate dry soil, so it’s okay if you forget to water it every once in a while!
  • Let the soil dry in between waterings – if you can handle watering a plant once a week, this one is for you!

Snake Plant

Snake plants do the best when you kind of forget about them. They don’t require much, so they’re perfect for us with not-so-green thumbs! This one is also toxic to your furry friends, so keep it out of reach!

Tips & Tricks

  • Snake plants can thrive in bright or low light! – so even if you only have one window in your tiny apartment, you can easily grow this plant
  • These plants don’t like direct sunlight, so they’re great bedroom or bathroom plants!
  • You only have to water snake plants every two-four weeks, so no worries if you travel (or if you’re just terribly forgetful)

Corn Plant

This is the corn pant that I have in my house!

I have personally been able to keep this one alive, so that’s how you know they’re tolerable! This is also a floor plant that can grow to be pretty tall, and can go in almost any home.

Tips & Tricks

  • Corn plants (or they’re also known as a mass cane) prefer bright light however, they can also live in low light areas.
  • Corn plants don’t require much watering, so make sure that the soil is dry in between waterings (no watering every day makes for an easy plant!)
  • Corn plants are great house plants because as many other house plants, they purify the air (just another reason to get one!)


So not only are succulents super cute and super trendy, but they’re also super easy to care for. They’re another plant that would be okay if you accidentally forgot about them! They don’t need much to survive, and you can put them almost anywhere in your house!

Tips & Tricks

  • Other than being super cute and trendy, succulents are extremely easy to take care of
  • They like medium to bright light, so they’re perfect to set on a window sill but could also thrive on a table or countertop
  • Succulents are very resilient and don’t require much water, especially in the winter months. You should water your succulents about once a week in the summer, and only once a month in the winter!
  • Succulents are also fairly cheap! I mean, you can get 20 of them for $40!

Air Plants

So hear me out.. a plant… that doesn’t require soil… and hardly requires water. Perfect plant for me! Air plants are super trendy right now and here as so many cute ways to display them all around your home!

Tips & Tricks

  • Air plants are hands down the easiest plants to take care of! They’re so easy they don’t even require soil to grow!
  • Air plants like bright, indirect light. They’re perfect to hang in your living room or your bedroom
  • To water them, you can just fill up your sink and set them in the water for about 20 minutes once a week or so (could they get any easier?!)
  • Bonus: there are sooo many cute ways to display your air plants! Just hop on Pinterest and search “air plant display” and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by them

Fake Plants

These are some of my own fake plants!

Fake plants will never leave you no matter how awful you treat them! I am a huge fan of fake plants because I love the way plants look in a home, but I do not love the amount of responsibility they come with. You can get them for pretty cheap and a lot of them look real!

Tips & Tricks

  • Set em and forget em! I do not have a very green thumb, so fake plants are my best friends
  • Even though they don’t require sun or water, try and remember to dust them once a month
  • You can buy fake plants that are already potted, or you can buy your plants and pots separately so you have a little more control over the design!
  • If you’re on a budget, check your local dollar store! (That’s where I got the fake succulents that are pictured!)

I hope I’ve inspired you to get over your fear of having house plants! Let me know which ones you decided to adopt! And if you end up killing them all, at least you’ll have your fake ones!