3 Tips to Increase Your Confidence Instantly

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Life sucks sometimes…. it just does.

Bad things happen to good people. Things fall apart. Hearts get broken. And sometimes we just wake up feeling “blah” about ourselves or life in general. Well, friend, I’m going to clue you in on 3 simple tips for instant confidence that never fail to work like a charm!

Get a signature Boss Move

You are a BOSS! Make no mistake about that. You may not feel like it all the time, but that’s okay. Sometimes you have to force your thoughts to follow your actions.  We often like to call this, “faking it until we make it.” But there’s nothing fake about bringing your true confidence to the surface, even if you have to dig it up from underneath piles of defeating thoughts, negative comments, and monumental mistakes that can cause us to be insecure.

We essentially become the thoughts that we think. This is why we have to be intentional about challenging those not-so-confident thoughts that we sometimes have about ourselves. This is where the “Boss Move” comes in…

A Boss Move is an action, no matter how simple, that reminds you of how dope you are! This may mean something different for every person.

You may need to flip your hair one good time and turn a hallway into a catwalk. You might need to declare that affirmation that always seems to ignite your power. You may even need to look back at an older pic from a time when your confidence was particularly on fleek for a little motivation. It could even be as simple as finding a mirror and smiling at yourself for 25 seconds. Whatever works for you, do it!

Talk to yourself

“Is she crazy??” Yes, I absolutely am, but I’m also confident. (Boom!)

Speak to the inner you – out loud and with authority! When someone else is discouraged we always have an abundance of things to say to pull them out of their funk and give them a push in the right direction. Well sometimes, people aren’t always going to be there to do the same for you. You’ve gotta learn to encourage yourself.

Whatever has got you down, I’ll be willing to bet that you’ve been through worse things. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again! And if not, then there is always worse things that could be happening. (Count your blessings, Boo.)

Give yourself a pep talk! Go “Eric Thomas” on yourself if you have to! And if you don’t have the words to say, then borrow them from someone else. Watch some motivational YouTube videos or look up quotes from someone you admire. There are people in worse shape who are still able to maintain their confidence, so never allow yourself to settle into a weak moment. Speak up and talk yourself out of it!

Let your purpose qualify your confidence

When I need to be reminded of the power I have, remembering this one thing never fails to lift my head and bring my sparkle back. And it’s something that’s true for you too…

God noticed a void in the world – a question that needed an answer, an issue that needed a solution – and then He created YOU!

There are things inside of you that no one else possesses – things that God didn’t want the world to be without. Your flaws and mistakes- even the most shameful parts of you- will never out-weight the value that your purpose holds. And even if you aren’t fully aware of what that purpose is just yet, that doesn’t negate the fact that you’re still carrying it within you!

If you were carrying a million dollars, I bet you would walk, think, and act differently. Well, your purpose is worth way more than that! You are a goldmine, baby! Act like it!

You may have a lot of reasons not to be confident, but there’s one thing that instantly overpowers every single one of them…No one is you! And THAT is where your confidence should come from!