Creating A Sacred Space & Why You Need One

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What is a Sacred Space and Why You Need One

The past couple of years has been somewhat of a transformation for me. I had a lot of change happen in a short amount of time which has led me to a process of overhauling my life. Everything around me felt chaotic and overstimulating, and I needed somewhere I could relax and reflect, so I created a sacred space to do just that. 

Why do you need a sacred space?

We are each born with the ability to create our own sacred space at any moment by just finding some time alone to close our eyes and imagine it. Time alone can be hard to come by though, especially in our modern world. And while we are social creatures, time alone is much more important than people realize. Being alone with yourself gives you the space you need to reflect and think for yourself. It allows you to come up with your thoughts and ideas without the influence of those around you, as well as connect to your higher self.

As someone who is naturally introverted, having my own sacred space allows me to unplug and recharge. Being a mom, it allows me to breathe and release tension. Even if you can only visit this space for just 10 seconds a day, having a designated space in your home, whether it be for meditation, prayer, journaling, or silent reflection, can help you pause and check in with yourself. 

Figure out what you are creating

Before you start creating your space, you need to establish what exactly you’re creating. What makes this space sacred to you? What do you hope to achieve in this space? Will you be using this space for meditation or yoga? What about prayer? Or is this just a space to breathe and reflect?

Figuring out how your space will be used will help you decided where it’s going to be and what to add to it.

Find your space

To get started you are going to want to find a peaceful and uncluttered area in your home. This area should be quiet and separate from where you work and play. It should also make you feel comfortable and connected. Don’t place your space in an area you think you may get startled or distracted. Remember, this space is for you to connect and reflect.

Your space doesn’t have to be a designated room. It can be as simple as a small table in the corner of your bedroom, a chair on your porch or a portable box filled with items that are meaningful to you and your practice. My space is currently a small tray that holds my tarot deck, a journal, palo santo, and a couple of crystals. 

Make it yours

After you have found your space, fill it with beautiful and meaningful items. These items don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Usually, things that we consider significant are already found in our homes.

Some items you could add:

  • Vision Board
  • Candles
  • Pictures
  • Plants/Flowers
  • Crystals
  • Devotional Items
  • Tarot/Oracle Cards
  • Books
  • Essential Oils
  • Incense
  • Herbs
  • Journals
  • Art
  • Music

This space should be devoted to energies of stillness, self-love, peace, and harmony. Trying using items that connect you to your senses. Items like pictures and vision boards help us connect to the things we find beautiful and visualize where we want to be. Essential oils and incense have the power to help us connect to our emotions and memories through smell. Music can completely change the feeling or vibe of a space. Remember, music is what feelings sound like so choose music that will match the emotions you’re trying to connect with. 

Try to bring mother nature into your space in the form of house plants, fresh flowers, or dried herbs. Doing this will help you connect to the earth, feel more positive, combat tension and stress, and cleanse your space.

Having a sacred space is an act of self-care. It is a place where you can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with something more profound. It is a place where you can apply beauty masks, read cards, or set intentions. Since writing is how I express myself, I tend to use my sacred space for breathing, reflection, journaling, and even daydreaming or brainstorming. In the crazy modern world that we live in, creating a sacred space in our homes can help us feel relaxed, safe, and connected.