Overstuffed Closet: Stop Buying Clothes You Never Wear

stop buying clothes

Ugh. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying stuff we don’t need…especially when it comes to clothes. A closet full of clothes that I rarely wear and I’m sure you do too. I really, really needed to stop buying clothes i rarely wear. Have you done it …

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Mastering the Self Care Habits of Successful Women

Self Care Habits of Successful Women

Unlocking the Secrets: The Self Care Habits of Successful Women How often do you turn your thoughts to your well-being and healthy lifestyle? The self care habits of successful women are quite common, but not always followed. Rather than telling you what to do, I’m going to share a handful …

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8 Habits to Start to Improve Your Sleep

Honestly, where can we get a little mental silence these days? We have become so inundated with constant chatter, music, YouTube videos, ads, calls, text messages, tweets and all of the other millions of phone notifications – the list goes on. Just typing that got my heart rate up. No …

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3 Tips to Increase Your Confidence Instantly

Life sucks sometimes…. it just does. Bad things happen to good people. Things fall apart. Hearts get broken. And sometimes we just wake up feeling “blah” about ourselves or life in general. Well, friend, I’m going to clue you in on 3 simple tips for instant confidence that never fail …

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48 Happiness Quotes To Remind You What Really Matters

Happiness quotes are a great tool to incorporate into daily life! Because sometimes we can forget what happiness really means, right? Like, scrolling through the ‘gram can throw us into thoughts that our life isn’t good enough, that we don’t have enough, that we don’t travel enough. But we are …

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How to Find Time for Self-Care in Your Busy Life

We all know how important self-care is for our overall health and well being, but are we all taking the time to actually practice self-care? Finding the time for self-care can seem impossible sometimes, but luckily it’s not! Keep reading to find out how to find time for self-care in …

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101 Ways to Practice Self Care

Ah, self-care. Something we hear about all of the time, but rarely ever take the time to actually do for ourselves. However, self-care is actually vital to your total health and well being! You should strive to practice self-care at least once a week, as well as any time you’re …

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10 Scientific Ways to Be Happier

Explore what areas of your life you need to address to increase your happiness.  If you want to know how to get somewhere, you have to know where you are going.  Try making a list of the different areas of your life and rating them on a scale of 1-10, with …

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